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The Lincoln Research Centre is an initiative of a small group of researchers with a broad range of experience and skills. They intend to work on and contribute to solutions to a problem that is becoming increasingly important: to enable societal organizations and individuals to interact more to mutual advantage. Examples of this problem include individuals being imposed upon by organizations, such as governing bodies that overemphasise the general interest, as well as organizations growing to the point where they are able to challenge or override the power of the community.

Awareness of the problem usually is expressed most clearly on the level of the individual, feeling powerless to change his or her social fate. Special research designs are necessary to help change societal collectives such that individuals are able to acquire new and desirable properties. Societal collectives include companies and other organizations, where preferred changes have to be captured using notions such as corporate responsibility and environmental awareness. Results typically include knowledge to help realise citizenship and enhance people's role in the community.

One of the areas in which the Centre expects to develop its expertise is supportive networking using the model of science shops. It intends to serve as a channel to communicate and transfer results, for example by establishing a general database, and links to other research centres where, either systematically or as a by-product of other activities, related results are acquired. The Centre only expects to provide services based on research. This does not exclude giving advice, but only if it contributes to the needs of the consultee, as well as to the research interests of the Centre.

Centre staff

Martha Vahl, director, senior researcher, community development research
Professor Gerard de Zeeuw, research methodology, member
Professor Raul Espejo, management cybernetics, affiliated member (ULH)
Dr Keith Pheby, philosopher, foreign correspondent (Mexico).

National and international links

The Lincoln Research Centre is linked to other research organizations, such as the Centre for Innovation and Cooperative Technology (CICT) at the University of Amsterdam, the Department of Social Psychology of the London School of Economics, and the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside, in particular the Community Operational Research Unit and the Policy Studies Research Centre. The Lincoln Research Centre is a member of the Lincoln Forum for Racial Justice and a corporate member of ARVAC (Association for Research in the Voluntary & Community Sector) and is committed to their code of research practice.


Lincoln Research Centre Ltd
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